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Growing Beyond DIY: The Pain of Actually Figuring It Out

I have officially hit the place in my coaching and speaking business that many of my esteemed colleagues have run into (and sometimes barely navigated through) on their way to scalability.

I have outgrown my Business of One.

Despite my thrifty Herculean efforts to manage all aspects of my scrappy thought leadership practice above and beyond the actual Crystallization services I deliver -- website development, bookkeeping, graphic design, social media, content marketing, business development, to name a few -- I have hit the ceiling.

While I pride myself in my ambitious, ambidextrous, Jill-of-all-trades resourcefulness, I am at the point of surrender. I can’t do it anymore. Thanks to some big wins and increased amplification opportunities, the inbound energy is coming too fast and furious for me to manage alone. And my 50-something year old brain simply can't keep track of all the details much less execute against them.

There's no mistaking it -- It's time to grow.

Yet, growth can be a scary thing.