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Getting To Yes While Presenting Virtually

I had the occasion to deliver a two-hour virtual program today while on the road. Not optimal to say the least.

Ironically, the program I was going to deliver was called "Getting to YES: Persuasive Communication Using Mindful Performance." Given that I am a creature of habit and that I was outside of my normal environment, I found it to be a little unsettling at first. Lots and lots of No's.

My plan was to set up shop at this week's client’s office to deliver my program for another client. While I would have been able to do so, it was snowy, gray, and gross outside (Minnesota. Ugh.) NO. I don't want to schlep all my bags and cords and BS around the city.

I opted to stay another day in my hotel and present my program there. Hopefully that will work. How bad could it be? Ha.

The hotel had an expansive space in their breakfast area with comfy booths adorned by natural lighting and power outlets. Unfortunately, it was also too close to the front desk where my microphone was picking up all the background chatter emanating from the lobby. (My event doesn't need to know that Louie from Room 318 is upset that his shower pressure sucks.) Another NO. No can do. Gotta go back to the room.

As I looked around my hotel room, I realized I didn’t really want to sit at the desk that was immediately in front of the messy bed (confession: I took a brief snooze in the middle of the day – it’s been a week!). Yet another NO. I had to come up with another solution, fast.

As any great speaker will do, I rearranged my standard room to mimic my studio at home. I moved the night stand to optimize the natural light, rolled the desk chair to have a blank wall behind me, and set the ice bucket on top of the table to elevate my laptop. A little shift here, a little nudge there, and pretty soon I created a virtual stage rivaling anything I’ve done since our worlds went poof back in 2020.

Finally a YES.

With just a few minutes left to spare before my attendees would start streaming into my zoomroom, I leaned into my Crystallized model to give me the confidence boost I needed to knock it out of the park.

When we are crystal clear about who we are, what we do, and how we serve, we can handle those little interruptions, modifications, and disruptions without taking us out of our groove.

We can step up to deliver the goods, even when we are pulling the delivery together on a wing and a prayer…and an ice bucket. Even if everything falls apart, at least we can rely on our Brilliance.

Are you so solid on your platform and presentations that you can easily shift from one environment to another, or would you be unnerved by delivering your services in less-than-optimal circumstances? When you Crystallize Your Brilliance, you can trust in your own expertise, knowing that you’ll show up in the best way possible, even if everything seems to fall apart around you.

Don't worry, my friend. You've got this. Now go get the ice bucket.

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