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Crystallize Your Brilliance Using Industry Information & Inspiration

In order to gain clarity on our evolving brands and businesses, we are wise to have our fingers on the pulse of our respective industries. We need to know the current economic landscape. The trends. The success stories. The cautionary tales. The legends, leaders, and cutting-edge influencers whose mere presence become teaching tools for those of us paying close attention.

In other words, we need to notice what the heck is REALLY going on beyond the six inches between our ears if we want to Crystallize our Brilliance in the most effective, efficient, and enthusiastic ways possible.

What are you doing to keep up with what's happening in your profession, and is it nudging you to take inspired action?

During my hair appointment today, I took the opportunity to get caught up on the latest and greatest happenings in my world: the speaking industry. Membership in the prestigious National Speakers Association gives me (and anyone else who makes their living, or part of it at least, behind the microphone) the inside scoop on All Things Speaking. I busted open the last two issues of Speaker magazine to focus on my professional development during the lengthy color process time. My pal and fellow rockstar speaker Kim Becking is this year's Chair for the Editorial Advisor Committee, so it was extra fun to read!

As always, flipping through the pages of S