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Co-Creation + Inspiration + Creativity = Magic

I had the pleasure of attending my very first Cirque du Soleil show last weekend in Vegas. We scored incredible seats in the third row for “O”, the amazing underwater spectacle that was truly a feast for the eyes.

Throughout the show, I kept wondering, “How do they DO that?!” Every single element was flawlessly executed including insane high dives, spectacular contortions, and graceful underwater dancing. Each performer was perfectly in synch, and the staging was utterly mind-blowing. They were also clearly having a blast.

It begged the question: How does something so beautiful, so powerful, and so magical come to fruition, and how can we take those lessons into our lives and businesses?

When my friend and I were leaving the theatre, I happened upon some of the gorgeous artwork in the lobby. One reminded me that the master class performance I just witnessed was essentially a stunning blend of Co-Creation, Inspiration, and Creativity at work.

As we develop our own masterpieces both professionally and personally, we can ask ourselves some deeper questions  through the Cirque du Soleil lens:

  1. Do we have the most experienced, skilled people on our teams to co-create with us?

  2. Do our co-creators love what they do and see themselves as integral components to the larger vision?

  3. Are we being inspired to be the very best we can be, day after day after day?

  4. Are we tapping into our deep reserves of creativity to deliver something so precious and one-of-a-kind that it will blow everyone’s minds?

  5. Do our offers (and the fees we charge) reflect the value we deliver?

We may not be able to fly through the air or perform gravity-defying tricks like I saw in Vegas on that magnificent stage, but we CAN make every day exceptional by adding a little bit more co-creation, inspiration, and creativity to the mix. When we do so, we may just find that there will be people waiting in line to get a little splash of our magic.

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