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How to Make a Compelling Video

How does one make a great video that will be watched, and more importantly, acted upon?

It’s just like with any other sales presentation – it’s all in the face. In the eyes. In the smile. In the realness.

Here’s just a few moments from a recent Corporate Comedy Minute video I made. I was especially animated because I got to break out my mom impression, which is one of my favorites. Yes, I look goofy, and no, I don’t care.

Why? Because people like REAL, and they LOVE to feel connected. When I do my videos, whether they are comedy nuggets, pre-event promos, sales introductions, or Mindful Performance strategy tips, I make a point of visualizing the person on the other end. I think about their challenges, pain, and worries. I look at the camera (that I call "The Great Eye") as I would look into their eyes. I send them good juju from my heart. I smile to make them smile. I don’t just record videos; I have conversations.