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How to Make a Compelling Video

How does one make a great video that will be watched, and more importantly, acted upon?

It’s just like with any other sales presentation – it’s all in the face. In the eyes. In the smile. In the realness.

Here’s just a few moments from a recent Corporate Comedy Minute video I made. I was especially animated because I got to break out my mom impression, which is one of my favorites. Yes, I look goofy, and no, I don’t care.

Why? Because people like REAL, and they LOVE to feel connected. When I do my videos, whether they are comedy nuggets, pre-event promos, sales introductions, or Mindful Performance strategy tips, I make a point of visualizing the person on the other end. I think about their challenges, pain, and worries. I look at the camera (that I call "The Great Eye") as I would look into their eyes. I send them good juju from my heart. I smile to make them smile. I don’t just record videos; I have conversations.

If you create videos for your work or passion, don’t forget to convey your ENERGY, not just your content. Viewers will recognize it in your face. In your eyes. In your smile. They will FEEL you. And they will act.

(The 1st pic shows me eating tacos, God's perfect food.)


Theresa Rose is a business motivational speaker, corporate comedian, and expert on mindful performance who helps organizations and their teams increase sales and revenue, develop stronger leaders, create better connections, and build healthier cultures. For more information, visit

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