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Getting Past the Ugh

Truth time: It often sucks to stop what we are doing in order to help somebody else. It wasn't like we were sitting around doing nothing, twiddling our thumbs, waiting for that golden opportunity to give of our precious time and energy, right?

But we also know another truth: that nothing great happens when we act in a vacuum. We don't build those critical relationships that help us learn new skills, discover juicy opportunities, and most importantly, feel the satisfaction of genuinely being an instrument of good for someone in need.

When we have the mindset to help others -- even when it's inconvenient -- we automatically set ourselves up to be better performers. The investment of time comes back to us tenfold.

So, breathe through the 'Ugh', dear one, and lend a helping hand.


Theresa Rose is a business motivational speaker, corporate comedian, and expert on mindful performance who helps organizations and their teams increase sales and revenue, develop stronger leaders, create better connections, and build healthier cultures. For more information, visit

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