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Strategic Planning at Sunset

Ahhh... exhale.

I am in the Tampa airport right now on my way home after a perfect vacation to Paradise with my best friend Jean. As with all of our vacations, they were filled with long walks on the beach, gut-busting laughter, and tasty libations worthy of two lovely ladies from the snowy Midwest ready for the Spring thaw.

It also included hours and hours of discussion about the focus and trajectory of my speaking business. During our marathon walk-n-talks on the sand, I got to figure out what I will create in the coming year, from products to performances. After a few days, I now have a solid vision of how I will roll out my upcoming book on Mindful Productivity, how I will incorporate my standup comedy, and what I can do to dramatically improve my keynote. I’m revved up and ready to kick some booty!

Sometimes we need to step away from our daily routines in order to get a longer-range vision of our careers. Whether you literally go to the beach or simply go to it in your mind, take a few minutes to visualize what your longer-term dream is. Give it some mental energy. Feel it. You’ll find that it will come to fruition far quicker than if you just hope that it accidentally drops in your lap.