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Knowing What Your Target Wants

Do you know why people want what you offer? Have you asked the question?

As a single woman online dating, I have had my fair share of text exchanges with potential dates. In those exchanges, I have occasionally inquired as to what er, attributes I possessed that attracted them to swipe right on me. Most of the answers began with B. You know, like brains.

There is one man in my life, however, whose opinion matters more than others. I asked him once, what was it about me that was attractive to him? His answer was not like the others. No, his answer was “Your energy and your spirit”.


Today my best friend showed me pictures from my first stand-up set, and I thought she perfectly captured those characteristics that my male friend mentioned. The stage where I can make people laugh is clearly my happy place, and I incorporate the words of 'energy' and 'spirit' into my marketi