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Being a Jedi Master of Purse Bingo

I was a Jedi at Purse Bingo last night.

When my friend Carmell suggested we play Purse Bingo, I was totally pumped. Not only was I going to catch up with my friend, I was going to win something. I had foreseen it.

When I walked into the restaurant, I declared that we were sitting at the winning table. Both of us were going to win. On the first game, Carmell won a gorgeous Coach purse. Even though other people yelled “Bingo!” for the next ten games, I did not lose hope. I figured that the Universe was waiting to give the final cash prize to me.

On the last round, my card started filling up. My heart started to race. My butt started to tingle. (Yeah, I know it’s weird, but that’s what happens when I get excited.) I gave a little extra juju to my card. I KNEW that I was going to win the cash prize. When B2 was called and I yelled “BINGO!”, I was not only excited about getting some extra dough-re-mi, I was giddy at creating yet another example of intentional manifestation. Last night: Bingo. Today: The sky is the limit!

What reality you want to create? See it in your head first. Energize the dickens out of it. Know you