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Embracing the Grind of Greatness

Greatness is found in the grind.

This month I am taking my first stand up comedy class. (EEEK!) While I have long incorporated humor into my professional keynote speaking, I had never taken the time to work solely on comedy writing and delivery.

Our first assignment was to choose one or two strong premises and jot down setups and punchlines for each. The jokes I wrote were really good. Strong. Funny.

But they weren’t hilarious.

And they didn’t let me showcase my physical comedy or characters.

They were just…good enough.

And I don’t do ‘good enough’.

I combed over every word to choose the best possible option. I looked for additional nuggets of awesome I could incorporate. I kept asking, “How can I make this better?”

The result was a sloppy mess of inserts and deletions hardly resembling my original work. After plodding through the edit muck, I eventually had a far stronger script that will firmly land in the hearts, minds, and funny bones of the audience I will perform for at the end of the month as well as future keynote audiences. (More funny = More MONEY!)

What high value action can you take that your competition isn't taking? What will move you beyond ‘good enough’? What will you do today to embrace the grind of pursuing greatness?


Theresa Rose is a business motivational speaker, award-winning author and expert on mindful productivity who helps organizations and their teams make more time, get more done, earn more money and have more fun. Her mission is to inspire and energize as many people as humanly possible to make more mindful choices so that they may improve their lives, their businesses, and their world. For more information, visit

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