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You Can't (and Shouldn't) Please Everyone

A Speaker’s Nightmare: "What did you like the least about the conference this year?"

"Theresa Rose. Awful. OMG. Hated her."

This was on a recent evaluation where I had knocked it out of the park as their closing keynote.

OUCH. That stung. (Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the theatre?)

Just a few days prior, I read an article about haters being a prerequisite to greatness – if you don’t have at least one hater, you aren’t saying anything that matters. As if right on cue, the Universe decides to deliver me a big fat one as validation.

I breathed deeply, said a few choice words, and kept plowing through the feedback. I soon discovered gentler terrain: “Dynamic. Funny. Sincere. Engaging...High energy...Fun, full of positive energy...Theresa was exactly what I needed to hear today, ended it all with a high note.”

I have grown to the point where I KNOW in my heart my value and purpose: I am a professional inspirer, and I’m amazing at it. No small-minded nincompoop is gonna block that jam.

What do you KNOW to be true about your value and purpose, despite what some chucklehead may have once said? Can you take this moment, right now, to say “I am... (something that makes you amazing)”? Never give away your power to the weak and insecure. You’re too important.


Theresa Rose is a business motivational speaker, award-winning author and expert on mindful productivity who helps organizations and their teams make more time, get more done, earn more money and have more fun. Her mission is to inspire and energize as many people as humanly possible to make more mindful choices so that they may improve their lives, their businesses, and their world. For more information, visit

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