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Swimming in Sunbeams

Yesterday I swam through a sunbeam at -15 degrees.

It was a frigid day in my home state of Minnesota which currently resembles the ice planet Hoth. I was crabby and cold, which is not a good look for me. The last thing I wanted to do was to get in a cold car and swim laps at my gym, Lifetime Fitness. But, I kept getting an intuitive nudge, or what I call Cosmic Noogies, to go. “Swim”, my inner voice kept whispering, “Swim.”

By now I’ve learned that following a Cosmic Noogie is nearly always a good idea. I schlepped over there, donned by Speedo suit and the oh-so-attractive cap and goggles and dove in. My mind may not have been on board yet, but my body surely wanted to combat the post-holiday fluff that had accumulated around my mid-section.

When I started swimming, I noticed a tiny sunbeam had landed in my lane. Growing ever larger, I found myself joyfully swimming back and forth through the sunshine. Each time I passed through it, my heart lifted a little more. I ended the workout happier than when I started and grateful for the blast of sun on an otherwise dreary day.

What intuitive nudge is circling around you today? What signs are pointing you to jump in, even though you are resisting it? Pay attention, dear one. It pays back in dividends.