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Two Words for the Holiday Season

So, here we are. The holiday season. While many of the days will be merry and bright, others may get downright ugly. Shopping craziness, insane meal preparation, fights over current affairs, end-of-year deadlines and milestones, colder weather, blah blah blah. We all feel the stress of the holidays despite our best efforts to remain happy.

Sometimes the best thing we can do to stay present amid the craziness is to think of two words we can share with someone that will uplift them, make them feel appreciated and heard, and keep us in a mindset of gratitude. Instead of using two words that initially may come to mind (you know what I’m talking about!), consider a few other options:

  • Thank you

  • Love you

  • Forgive me

  • I’m sorry

  • Best wishes

  • Happy holidays

  • Great job!

  • I’m here