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Success Means Sacrifice

You don’t want to play Trivial Pursuit-TV Edition with me, because I’m clueless.

For years I have missed out on all of the shows that people wax poetic about: Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, The Walking Dead, and the most popular show that seems to be on everyone’s mind lately, Stranger Things. I have no earthly idea about any of them, since I have not owned a television in over a decade.

That’s okay. I’m not bitter. My success as a speaker is partially because I have consciously chosen to unplug, choosing instead of spend extra free time living my life instead of watching others do so.

Success requires extra time - time normally spent by others binge watching, game playing, socializing, and shopping cart filling. It requires additional commitment to get that important project finished, read a great book, or perform critical self-care activities to avoid burnout. While I may be the biggest loser at TV trivia, I am happy with my business and my life.

What sacrifices will you make to open up more time for you to become a better leader, a stronger salesperson, a more powerful change-agent, or a happier human? Start small. Cut one time-waster out this week. And then another. Soon you’ll be on your way to the rich, juicy life you desire and deserve.