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Manifesting a Naked Magician

I tied up a naked magician last Saturday night.

Well, let me be precise: I physically performed the act of tying up a naked magician last Saturday night, but I had played it in my mind several times before then.

My best friend Jean suggested we buy tickets to the risqué show, The Naked Magicians, knowing that it combined two things I adore: magic, and, well, you know. As soon as Jean bought the tickets, I told her that I will be onstage with them, to which she responded that she had no doubt.

Over the last several months, every time I saw the event on my calendar, I energized the vision. It wasn’t a dream; it was an inevitability. I had no idea what our seats were and how close we were to the stage, but it didn’t matter. I had made up my mind. I had foreseen it.