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Manifesting a Naked Magician

I tied up a naked magician last Saturday night.

Well, let me be precise: I physically performed the act of tying up a naked magician last Saturday night, but I had played it in my mind several times before then.

My best friend Jean suggested we buy tickets to the risqué show, The Naked Magicians, knowing that it combined two things I adore: magic, and, well, you know. As soon as Jean bought the tickets, I told her that I will be onstage with them, to which she responded that she had no doubt.

Over the last several months, every time I saw the event on my calendar, I energized the vision. It wasn’t a dream; it was an inevitability. I had no idea what our seats were and how close we were to the stage, but it didn’t matter. I had made up my mind. I had foreseen it.

On Saturday night, I wore an adorable outfit KNOWING that I would be performing that night. About half way into the show, Christopher, one of the A-DOR-A-BLE magicians went into the audience looking for a “sexy, fun person who knows how to have a good time”. Umm…I know one! I popped out of my chair and shook my booty like my life depended on it. Christopher made a bee-line to me and brought me up onstage.

For the next fifteen minutes, I proceeded to do some craaaaaazy stuff onstage, giving the audience (and myself!) a show they wouldn’t soon forget. They hooted and hollered, savoring every naughty moment. Afterwards, there was a steady stream of happy people thanking me for representing.

In my work as a professional speaker, I talk about mindful manifestation: get clear about what you want, define it, verbalize it, energize it, and most importantly, TAKE ACTION to make it happen. I wouldn’t have gotten chosen unless I did all of the steps, including getting up and dancing my bum off in front of 300 strangers.

You can do the same thing. Decide what you want. Tell someone about it. Be relentless in your vision. And then take action when the time comes. Some will happen. Some won’t. Your odds will grow every time you do it.

That's what intentional living (and playing!) looks like.


Theresa Rose is a business motivational speaker, award-winning author and expert on mindful productivity who helps organizations and their teams make more time, get more done, earn more money and have more fun. Her mission is to inspire and energize as many people as humanly possible to make more mindful choices so that they may improve their lives, their businesses, and their world. For more information, visit

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