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A Mindful Approach When Tragedy Strikes

I don't have a TV.

I digest a minimal amount of media.

I don't receive any unwanted content that I haven't explicitly invited into my brain through the act of clicking my mouse.

Today - the day after our nation's most deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas -- is a day that I consciously made media-free. I will NOT damage my emotional well-being and psyche by watching horrifying videos or looking at gruesome photos of our nation's latest tragedy. What good would it do for me or for those who were attacked? I did that on 9/11, hoping that with every instance of watching the attack, I would somehow see a different outcome. It only served to hurt my heart even more.

Instead, I spent today doing my part to add to the goodness of the world through my speaking and writing.

Please, dear one, be mindful of the psychological trauma that watching these acts of terror can cause. You have control over what your mindset is. Be vigilant about what your eyes, ears, brain, and heart are taking in.