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How to Write Your First (and Next) Book

When people find out that I am an award-winning author of four books (currently working on book five! WOO HOO!), many express a deep desire to write a book of their own. They are clearly passionate about sharing their knowledge but clueless as to how to turn those thoughts into an actual book. The book writing process seems so daunting that it often stops people dead in their tracks.

That makes me sad. People should share their gifts with the world as much as possible!

If you are one of those people who wants to leave your insights, inspirations, and teachings for future generations in the form of a book, YOU CAN DO IT! It's not beyond your capabilities. If you can follow a recipe and string sentences together, you can write a book. (You don't have to be a perfect writer; that's what editors are for.) It's like any major project we undertake: you will accomplish your goal if you break it down into chunks and take it step by step by step.

Here is a video I recorded which helps to answer those pesky questions as to how to write a book in the most efficient way possible. Enjoy, and happy writing!

(If you decide to follow my advice, please send me a link on where I can get a copy! I'd love to read your work!)


Theresa Rose is a business motivational speaker, award-winning author and expert on mindful productivity who helps organizations and their teams make more time, get more done, earn more money and have more fun. For more information, visit

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