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Creating Daily Finish Lines

I am not a runner. In fact, I loathe running. My body is not designed to run (it is, however, perfectly suited for dancing.) I was the kid in P.E. class who avoided running the mile every single year by delivering a litany of lame excuses designed to mercifully preclude me (and unfortunate onlookers) from enduring the torture. I promise you that you will never, ever, EVER hear me announce my intention to run a marathon. I can think of at least 250,000 other challenges that would inspire me more than gasping, sweating, limping and jiggling to a finish line.

However, I do know a thing or two about reaching productivity finish lines. As an expert on mindful productivity, my job is to figure out how to help people get more done in less time, all while remaining reasonably pleasant and human. One of the ways to supercharge your productivity and create exponential growth is to come up with big, gutsy, amazing goals that make you reach further and farther than you ever thought possible.

But how do you reach those goals when life gets in the way? There's that list of people to call first. The emails keep streaming in faster than you can respond to them. Meetings are Pac-manning your time away, leaving you with hardly any time to actually get important work done much less chip away at a major project. In short, many of us are sprinting through our workdays instead of training for marathon successes.

Here's a short video I created to help you break down those major goals into digestible, doable chunks. May you find yourself crossing that all-important finish line today and every day.


Theresa Rose is a business motivational speaker, award-winning author and expert on mindful productivity who helps organizations and their teams find more time, get more done, earn more money and have more fun. For more information, visit

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