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Do You Have What It Takes To Jump?

It’s your moment of truth. You are standing on the edge of the high dive platform that ominously towers thirty-plus feet above the water below. It’s daunting. It’s overwhelming. It’s petrifying. And it’s your turn to jump.

Will you jump, or will you let your limiting thoughts and fears get the better of you?

This question was posed to several average Janes and Joes in this captivating video from the New York Times. I was mesmerized throughout the entire 16-minute video as I watched person after person struggle with their inner demons. You feel their nervousness. You smell their fear. You sense their mental gymnastics. You pray that they’ll have the courage to just jump already!

Yet so many do not. (It’s surprising to see who takes the plunge and who climbs back down the ladder.) Why didn’t they jump?

I’m sure each person has his or her own reasons. Some may not have wanted to look ridiculous or cowardly in front of their friends. Others may have been afraid of serious injury. A few may have even feared death.