Little Ways to Surround Yourself in Positivity

I won the Most Enthusiastic Award in second grade, so I come by my career as a motivational speaker honestly. Back when I was eight, I had to ask my mother if being named Most Enthusiastic was a good thing or a bad thing, to which she replied, “Teeter, that’s a VERY good thing. Someday you’ll appreciate it.” Ma was like me: a single mother working her tail off as an entrepreneur in order to provide for her precocious daughter.

Now that I am essentially enthusiastic for a living, I totally get why staying positive is not only good for your health but also good for business. (As we know, people refer to and buy from people they like.) I thought I’d share some seemingly silly but ultimately incredibly powerful tools you can use to feel better and do more every day.

By the Bed

  • Have your current Statement of Intention on an index card near your bed so you can read it and charge up your vision every morning and evening.

  • Write in a notebook or your Gratitude Journal just a few words every day that take you out of your head and into your heart for even a few moments.

  • Read an actual book before you go to sleep, preferably one that motivates you, inspires you, or taps into your imagination.

In the Car

  • Create a positive road experience through your conscious driving (turn signals are your friends, people), chilled-out approach (opt for calming music over upsetting news!) and even your bumper stickers! (I have one that says, “What Are You Grateful For?")

  • Install a CarMoji in the back window to acknowledge kind gestures from those around you. It’s a light-up smiley face emoji you can activate with a remote control when someone is considerate. And no, thank goodness, they don’t make any with angry faces.

On Your Phone

  • Change the label on your alarm to say something affirming, starting every day out in a positive way (Mine says, “Good morning, Gorgeous!” for the first alarm, and “Create an amazing day!” for the snooze alarm.)

  • Change your wallpaper image to one that makes you smile each and every time. When you grow tired of it, change it up to another pic that boosts your mood.

On Your Body

  • Wear accessories (jewelry, scarves, ties) that have some supportive meaning to you, whether it’s heart earrings, palm tree necktie, or a mantra bracelet.