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Little Ways to Surround Yourself in Positivity

I won the Most Enthusiastic Award in second grade, so I come by my career as a motivational speaker honestly. Back when I was eight, I had to ask my mother if being named Most Enthusiastic was a good thing or a bad thing, to which she replied, “Teeter, that’s a VERY good thing. Someday you’ll appreciate it.” Ma was like me: a single mother working her tail off as an entrepreneur in order to provide for her precocious daughter.

Now that I am essentially enthusiastic for a living, I totally get why staying positive is not only good for your health but also good for business. (As we know, people refer to and buy from people they like.) I thought I’d share some seemingly silly but ultimately incredibly powerful tools you can use to feel better and do more every day.

By the Bed

  • Have your current Statement of Intention on an index card near your bed so you can read it and charge up your vision every morning and evening.

  • Write in a notebook or your Gratitude Journal just a few words every day that take you ou