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Let Music Take You to Chill-town

Ever since I owned an alternative healing center back in 2004, I have been a fan of sound healing. Whether it's beating on my hand-made hand drum, zoning out to the mesmerizing sound of crystal bowls or simply listening to my favorite Chill station on Pandora (which I do every day in my office), music can have a powerfully soothing effect on a frazzled soul.

Research is starting to reinforce what we have instinctively known to be true: music heals. According to an article in Inc. magazine, Mindlab International conducted a study to measure brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure, and rate of breathing when subjects listened to certain types of music. While Mindlab identified ten songs that had a noteworthy positive impact on reducing stress levels based on certain rhythms, harmonies and bass lines, there was one song in particular, Weightless by Marconi Union, that was head and shoulders above the rest. Listening to the tune brought about an amazing 65% decrease in participants' anxiety levels and 35% reduction in their typical physiological resting states. Weightless was actually written in partnership with sound healers with the express purpose of including all of the elements that bring about optimal peace and tranquility. How cool is that? Talk about mindful music making!! Love it.

If you are finding yourself stressing out (especially with the holidays right around the corner), consider taking an 8-minute mental vacation by listening to this gorgeous tune. As with any kind of meditation, make sure you don't listen to it while driving a motor vehicle! You don't want your blissed-out state to make you crash into the car ahead of you, thus reversing all of the good juju you created. Meditate safely, folks.

Music is medicine, especially when used mindfully to combat anxiety, stress and strain. Click away and take your mini-vacation to Chill-town!


Theresa Rose is a business motivational speaker, award-winning author and high-value consultant who helps organizations and their teams develop meaningful connections and creative cultures through mindfulness. For more information, visit

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