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Is A Good Night's Sleep Eluding You?

Your eyelids are getting heavy. Your head is bobbing around like a Weeble. Drool is threatening to exit the edges of your open mouth. You are getting sleeeeepy.

Have you ever felt like this in a meeting, at your desk, or during your commute?

No matter how smart we are, how clean we eat, or how much we exercise, if we aren’t consistently getting a good night’s sleep, we are robbing ourselves of precious energy that we could be using in the pursuit of our goals.

Almost half of us, however, don’t think we are getting enough of the zzz’s every night. In fact, according to The Better Sleep Council, 6 in 10 Americans crave sleep more than sex! (Really?!) Our chronic lack of sufficient sleep has caused our stress levels to increase, lessened our ability to concentrate, contributed to all sorts of unpleasant physical and mental ailments, and generally just made us nightmares to be around.

There is a wealth of information and support available for those of you who may be struggling with unhealthy sleep patterns. If you suffer from a chronic sleep disorder, you should definitely consider visiting your doctor or a slee