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Getting to Now: How to Become Present in a Multitasking World

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of trying to do it all.

My to-do list is no longer simply a list but a series of hundreds – yes, hundreds – of tasks that I have entered into Evernote that I will never, ever get to. My calendar is metaphorically busting at the seams with commitments that I was a crazy-person to take on in the first place. At the end of the week, my desk resembles a Hoarding: Buried Alive episode.

The struggle is real, people, and the cost we are paying is huge. So, imagine my joy when I saw the most recent Time magazine special edition at the grocery store checkout line. It turns out that what I have been studying and teaching for over two decades, mindfulness, is finally starting to hit the mainstream.

While I haven’t yet digested every single article (but there is a pool day in my near future before Autumn shows up in all of her beautiful bronze glory), I already love everything I have read so far. One of the first articles talks about the power of being present, which is a core principle in my presentations. Here are a few nuggets that jumped out at me: