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Hello, Co-Creator!

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Next Steps on our Journey

I am so excited that we’ll be working together to help you crystallize your brilliance and create a magnetizing energy around your genius. I can't wait to get us kicked off right away!

By participating in our Mastermind of 2, you will gain crystal clarity on your brilliance to strategically leverage your brand and expertise as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

We will collaborate in a safe, trusted space with focused concentration on delivering an elegant, intuitive, memorable  framework and simple, compelling marketing messaging to create optimal impact and conversion.

You’ll walk away with the right words and pictures to easily, joyfully promote and monetize your brilliance to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

  • I will send you an invoice that formalizes our Mastermind of 2 partnership

  • You will confirm the agreement and secure our time together with 50% payment

  • You will set up, upload, and share your digital Box of Brilliance with me (a Google Drive with any and all relevant content that reflects your CURRENT brilliance -- books, articles, interviews, webinars, speeches, landing pages, etc.) Don't be afraid to give me your half-baked, ugly, unfiltered content. That's what I'm here for.

  • Once you have completed the upload of your brilliance, I will carefully, thoughtfully digest it for the purpose of capturing the crystallized spirit of your expertise -- your Reason for the work you do

  • I will distill your brilliance down to common themes and frameworks that will deeply resonate with your target audience and comply them to take action

  • I will design an elegant three-dimensional contextual model of your brilliance that will be used as a framework for all of your content marketing and thought leadership offerings

  • We will meet before our Mastermind of 2 session to discuss supplies needed and high-level agenda

  • You will process the remaining payment due by the first day of the session

During our Mastermind of 2 session, we will finalize your contextual model, create a strategic marketing plan, craft mission-critical deliverables like demand generation campaigns, book outlines, and LMS frameworks, creating as much marketing collateral as possible (Sales sheets, Summary section on LinkedIn, Outbound emails, etc) to get you activated right away.

Our time together will be a combination of brainstorming, creativity, writing, recording, and energizing. (Can you say, YUM?!!!)


At 30 days we’ll have a phone check-in on progress and refine or course correct where needed.


At 60 days we’ll have a progress review to identify any remaining gaps in strategy and map out top priorities for the rolling 12 months.

It is recommended that I remain as a trusted advisor retained on a monthly basis to help support you as you grow your impact.

Great success happens when great people partner together.

It is my honor to help you shine your light as brightly as possible in our powerful Mastermind of 2.

Can’t wait!


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