book more business

Everybody wants MORE.

Some of us want more time and less stress. 

Others want more energy and less headaches.

Most of us wouldn't mind more money and less financial worry.

And if you're an entrepreneur, you want more eyeballs and clicks.

You can learn how to get MORE of what you want and less of what you don't.

Mindful Performance (both my book and podcast) will help you with the first two.

My video training series, Book More Business to Make More Moolah, will help you with the last two.

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Make Your Messaging Do MORE.

No one really reads anymore, do they? If you look around, you'll notice that everybody is scrolling, scanning, listening, or watching. If your marketing message isn't compelling enough to catch their scrolling eyes, stop their thumbs, and make them ache to say, "Tell me more!", your business, product, or service will be left behind along with the countless other business owners vying for eyeballs and clicks.


In this engaging, laser-focused video training series, you will receive instruction on how to create compelling content that combats "scroll blindness" in order to showcase your unique brilliance, amplifying it in your products, performances, and promotion.


Book More Business to Make More Moolah gives you the essence of what you need to do to pierce the veil of distraction and disengagement in order to fully engage with your prospect ON A PERSONAL LEVEL. When our prospects and clients engage with the essence of our content on a personal, emotional level, they take notice, take action, and see you as more attractive than your competition.

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In this delightful series of 4, five-minute video micro-courses in .mp4 format, you will discover:


  1. How to Create a Picture of Your Brilliance (6:29 min.)

  2. How to Amplify Your Message with Products (5:30 min.)

  3. How to Amplify Your Performances (4:54 min.)

  4. How to Amplify Your Message Through Promotion (6:20 min.)


After purchase, your download link is emailed to you!

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You'll learn the essence of how to crystallize your brilliance in order to open more doors and close more deals. You'll discover how you can craft a message that will compel your clients to want to know MORE, in a split second. For real.


I'll give you the nitty-gritty on what you need to know in a clear, easy-to-understand, no cheesy sales-speak sort of way. Each five-minute video tells you what you NEED to know about content marketing, consultative selling, and message amplification so you can remain competitive in a volatile economic landscape where there's always someone cheaper, easier, and luckier.


For less than $20 you'll receive a little over 20 minutes of video GOLD that will walk you through exactly how to book more business for more moolah.


Heck yeah.