contextual model development

Can you draw your expertise on a cocktail napkin?

You need to.


1.  People don't read anymore.

2. Competition is fierce.

3. Sales happen everywhere.

4. Content Marketing is hard.

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Why You'll Create More Lasting Success Using a Model

People don't read anymore.

Sadly, most people only scroll, scan, watch, and listen. If your content doesn't slap them across the face with relevance and make them stop and say, "Wow, that looks interesting. I need to know more!", they will keep scrolling. Bonus points if it is intuitive, clear, and pleasing to the eye. Too much blah-blah-blah turns your buyers off.

Competition is fierce.

In this economic climate, it's not enough just to be good at what you do.​ Or even great. You need to confidently display your unique subject matter expertise, demonstrate your relevance, and woo your prospect. In an instant. Your model differentiates you from your competition in a powerful, visual way.

Sales happen everywhere.

You can't rely on the perfect scenarios to dazzle your customers and prospects (webinars, articles, video clips, phone conferences, fancy slide decks, live demo environments). Our greatest connections often happen on an airplane, at the hotel bar, on the golf course, at the fancy party or casual networking event, or even at the neighborhood potluck. When you make a great connection with someone at one of these "less-than-perfect" situations and can't sufficiently present your value and make a lasting impression, the chances of closing the deal once all of your ducks are in a row is a lot less. The energy fizzles and so does the deal.

Content Marketing is hard.

The new model of sales and marketing is about providing memorable content in a variety of mediums across all of your channels. All of the time. When you have a model that captures your brilliance in a simple visual, you can tap into that framework for EVERY piece of content you create -- from the tweet to the 50,000 word book. From the speech to the podcast. From the blog post to the live video. From your home page to your profile page. EVERYWHERE. You simply don't have to think so hard to answer "what should I be talking about now?" The model tells you.

Sample Models

Thought Leadership
Thought Leadership

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Brand Development
Brand Development

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Profile Summary
Profile Summary

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Thought Leadership
Thought Leadership

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I can help you crystallize your brilliance.

Give me a call or send an email if you want to learn more about my Crystallize Your Content coaching and how I can digest your amazing content, distill it down to its essence, and design a clear, intuitive, powerful Contextual Model that is a PERFECT representation of you and your expertise!


I can't wait to make magic with you.

How I Work

When you hire me for Contextual Model Development, I will digest WORD-FOR-WORD your existing written content, usually anywhere from 5 to 250 pages (transcripts of previous speeches, manuscripts, website pages, initial brainstorming notes, books, and any other written or visual content). Next, I distill your brilliance down to its essence, identifying what truly lights you up, what the common themes and threads are, and how those concepts can be molded together to create a single unified vision that will deeply resonate with your intended audience. I then design a three-dimensional model based on my findings (or maybe offer two or three options) on my dry erase board that answers the question, “What is my picture?


We polish your draft model collaboratively over live video conferencing to make sure you are perfectly resonant with it and no part of the model feels anything less than authentic. (You MUST be in love with your model or you won’t describe it over and over again, speak about it, write about it, sell it, and get KNOWN for it.) Once we nail down the model, you then can take the specs to your preferred graphic designer to create a high-res image to use in all of your marketing copy and content development. I’ll help you craft those requirements and give you my feedback on the design until you are delighted with the final product.


When you can passionately answer the question, “What is my picture?”, you’ll find yourself confidently and comfortably sharing it across all necessary platforms and in person with key influencers.


You’ll be able to sell your services over cervezas instead of boring slide shows.


THAT’S why you want to make your picture as good as it can be.

What My Clients Say

Theresa Rose is amazing! My favorite thing about her is her dedication to writing, creativity, and vision.  During our first coaching video call, she had 3 full dry erase boards filled out with my new business model, message, and branding. Theresa gave me more than she promised and always worked prior to our meetings, so we could move fast and gain more traction. I got every ounce of my money’s worth and much more. I could work for one thousand hours and not come up with the “pure golden content” that she did in a matter of hours.  She is worth it and true to her word.  I interviewed her and told her how leery I was of big promises and a depleted marketing budget. Once again, she gave more than she promised. 

Oh my....I feel so inspired!!! When I looked at that model, I felt seen, "got" and most importantly, clear. The confusion and swirling in my head ceased and all was clear. It was amazing! I absolutely love the creative way you created a mandala with all the pieces of my work. 


It was so fun working with you; I felt safe, comfortable and encouraged to be honest about how I felt about what I was seeing. Your commitment to making sure it was a "ping" for me allowed me to relax and enjoy the process, knowing the end result will be something I love. 


Thank you so much for supporting me in this. I feel confident that I will actually have a website and a cool model to offer. I love you😍